Friar Finnegan



Brawn 4
Finesse 2
Resolve 3
Wits 2
Panache 3


Athletics 3 Reroll die
Convince 1
Empathy 2
Intimidate 2
Perform 1
Scholarship 1
Tempt 0
Weaponry 1
Aim 1
Brawl 4 Reroll die. 15 makes 2 raises.
Hide 0
Notice 3 Reroll die
Ride 1
Sailing 1
Theft 0
Warfare 1


Virtue Reunion (Exemplary) Activate your virtue and chose another hero in the same scene to pool your Raises for the round, spending Raises to take Actions from your divided pool.
Hubris The Sun (Loyal) You gain a HP when your Hero goes back for a fallen ally or refuses to leave a wounded ally.

Background and Quirks

Duelist Once per session earn a HP when you resort to the edge of your blade to defend a noble ideal
Knight Errant Earn a HP when you uphold an ideal of knightly virtue in a way that gets you in trouble.


Boxer You gain 1 Bonus Die when you make a Brawling Risk to punch, kick, headbut or otherwise injure another character using nothing but your own body.
Large You cannot purchase the “Small” Advantage Gain 1 Bonus Die on any Risk that is easier due to your size—using Athletics to run at full speed even while carrying another Hero, or looming over someone in order to Intimidate them.
Linguist You speak, read and write all Thean languages, Even the dead ones.
Directional Sensel As long as you have some sort of reference you are never lost.
Ordained You can expect refuge, a place to stay, and hot meals in any church. You also have access to many of the Church’s libraries. Finally you gain two dice for any social risks against characters who are adherents to your faith.
Duelist Finnegan
Sorcery Knight of Avalon
Sorcery Knight of Avalon

Dueling Abilities

General Manuevers
Slash A basic Maneuver used to attack, but one that even the most gifted street thug wishes she could master. When you perform Slash, deal a number of Wounds equal to your Ranks in Weaponry.
Parry The art of putting your weapon between yourself and harm. Perform Parry to prevent a number of Wounds equal to your Ranks in Weaponry. You can only activate
Parry on your Action, immediately following the Maneuver that caused your Wounds.
Feint Posturing and positioning in such a way that your opponent drops his guard or tries to block an attack that never comes. When you perform Feint, you deal one Wound—if your target is injured again this Round, he suffers one additional Wound.
Lunge A reckless and sometimes desperate Maneuver, but one capable of ending a conflict immediately. When you perform Lunge, spend all of your Raises. You deal a number of Wounds equal to your Ranks in Weaponry plus the Raises you spend. These Wounds
cannot be avoided or prevented.
Bash Forcing your opponent off balance—with your pommel or a closed fist—to render her next strike less effective. When you perform Bash, deal one Wound; the next time your target deals Wounds this Round she deals one less Wound for each Rank you have in Weaponry..
Riposte Failure to master Riposte has resulted in more students failing to graduate from their Academy than any other Maneuver. When you perform Riposte, you prevent a number of Wounds equal to your Ranks in Weaponry, and deal a number of Wounds equal to
your Ranks in Weaponry. You can only perform Riposte on your Action, and you must perform it on the Action immediately following the Maneuver that caused the Wounds
you are preventing. A Duelist may only perform this Maneuver once per Round

Duelist Styles

Finnegan Bob’n’weave This manuever allows the duelist to roll the hit off a better part of the body. You can prevent a number of wounds of Brawn + Brawl.


Knights of Avalon (Dudda, The Round. Major Trait Brawn, Minor Trait Resolve)

Mad Luck (Major, Luck) 2 Activate this Glamour to roll a number of dice equal to your Rank in this Glamour. You may pass these dice to other heroes who keep the dice for the rest of the scene.
Stronger then you (Minor, Brawn) 2 Activate this Glamour to add a number of dice to any Brawn Risk equal to your Ranks in this Glamour, plus one .
Pain is Temporary (Minor, Rseolve) 2 Activate this glamour to instantly heal yourself of five Wounds for every Rank you have in this Glamour. Dramatic Wounds are not healed.



Friar Finnegan

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